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Homemade ice cream maker


Eating ice cream is great fun, but what’s more fun than eating ice cream? Making ice cream! With this homemade ice cream maker game you can have a great time cooking and creating your lovely treat ready for all to eat! With this free cooking game you can get your ingredients and utensils ready before placing your ingredients into the bowl and creating your ice cream mixture. Next you can cook your ice cream in a saucepan of water before adding the liquid to your mixture then freezing it. Lastly have fun with decorating your ice cream by changing its plate design, biscuits, icing, fruit, and flavour color! So if you want to have fun cooking, why not try this free cooking game online today! Features: • Gather and collect your ingredients and utensils ready to make your ice cream!• Crack the eggs into the bowl, add the vanilla powder, sugar and milk before mixing it!• Cook your ice cream mixture by placing it in saucepan with water and mixing it around! • Add the glass of liquid into your mixture, mix it around, and place it in the freezer!• Scoop your ice cream onto a plate ready for decorating it! • Decorate your ice cream by changing its flavour color, icing, fruit, biscuits, and plate design!